Double spindle CNC lathe DKCK-ST80

Doubie-spindle CNC lathe(DKCK-ST80),equals two sets of high precision CNC lathes,combined with automatic loading and unloading conveyor.It occupies less working space,avoids workpiece injury,saves energy,has high efficiency etc.

Double spindle CNC lathe for long bar processing—DKCK-GT36

DKCK-GT36 long bar material double-spindle mobile CNC lathe: the A-axis head is not moved, the 90° tool holder moves, the B-spindle is docked, and the two spindles are processed at the same time, and the material is automatically loaded and unloaded. Achieve both sides of long bar parts Processing simultaneously One-time processing is completed, and chip removal is convenient.

Automatic CNC lathe DKCK-M5

DKCK-M5 Automatic Lathe combines structure of strong horsepower, fast machining, high efficiency, high rigidity.

Automatic double-head chamfering machine DKCK-SMD80 series

Fully automatic CNC double-head chamfering machine adopts Siemens controlling system ,with servo system control of feeding device and special changing type for blade and clamp

DKCK-LF35-D series automatic CNC lathe

Apply to machining for automative parts, bearing ring, complex shafts and ring parts.

Automatic CNC lathe DKGP-36P series

45° slant bed, stable performance, smooth chip removal, best choice for high precision auto machining.

CNC automatic lathe DKCK-PS100 series

The CNC lathe is controlled by Siemens CNC system, and the horizontal and vertical are driven by servo. The robot automatically feeds, and the fastest feeding speed is only 0.5 seconds. According to the processing procedure, multiple wiring lines can be designed to realize one-man multi-machine automatic processing. Suitable for mass production of high precision parts.

Automatic CNC cutting lathe DKCK-G series

Suitable for cutting various tubes, stick material especially for mass production of bearing company.

Automatic feeding machine

Suitable for automatic feeding of various parts



Peruvian customers came to the DIKE factory

Peruvian customers came to the DIKE factory. Need to purchase pipe cutting machine, double spindle double turret CNC lathe

Old customers buy automatic CNC lathes again

This is our old customer, a foreign company in Italy. Yes, they have encountered processing problems, come to DIKE to buy machine tools.


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